Steve W.

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Retired software developer interested in documentation work. Startup experience and technical writing experience.

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Steve W.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



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Bought a "home computer" in 1979 and learned to program it. Did consulting work which led to co-founding Complete Systems in 1983. Wrote "Using Turbo Pascal". Co-founded Banking Solutions in 1993. Retired to MX in 1995. Misc. programming work since then.

Work history

Director of collusion detection team
I wrote software that was initially used by the customer service team to investigate suspicious play reports. The concepts proved to be effective. I worked with the game server programmers to incorporate real time collusion detection at the server level.
Banking Solutions.
Co-founder in charge of software developement.
Designed, developed and directed the implementation of software systems to support Banking Solution's unique factoring/lending product used by community banks across the United States. The company was sold to Towne Services, Inc. in 1998.
CyberTek Corporation. Now CSC Cybertek
PC software developer
Developed PC based sales support software for the marketing team. Later worked on an automated life insurance underwriting system that learned based on input by experienced underwriters.
Technical writer
After learning Turbo Pascal, shortly after it's release, I was so impressed that I wrote "Using Turbo Pascal". It went through five editions and used copies are still available.
Co-founder and sole software developer.
I wrote a dental office management system using Turbo Pascal that ran on first generation IBM PCs. It was marketed and supported for many years in central Texas. The company is still operating, but it now provides payment processing services to dentists.



Technical Writing content creation content curation ebooks ghost writing mysql product strategy lean startups SQL translation CSS HTML


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Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 30hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Banking & Finance Ecommerce Education Real Estate & Property Travel

What I read

A wide range of tech oriented resources. Most are research related such as Stack Overflow and GitHub. Also community sites related to whatever I'm working on.

Side projects

I helped my daughter start an education oriented crowdfunding site called It was well accepted, but never profitable. After ~2 years, she closed it down a few months ago. Some vestiges remain:.

Ideal team

I prefer small, focused teams. Ideally, I like to either be involved in the specification process or be given a well specified project that I work on independently. I'm prefer management that doesn't mind being questioned. I talk too much in meetings.