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Emily C.

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I'm an organization fanatic skilled in email, calendar, & file management. I also have experience with CRM databases & travel arrangements.

  • Lubbock, TX, USA
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Emily C.
Lubbock, TX, USA



Each of my past positions has involved some sort of organizational management, whether that was managing CRM databases, keeping medical records and making appointments, or completing projects by due date. I have always been the one to create a system!

Work history

Tyler Technologies
Software Support Analyst
In this position, I was the analyst for a team of 8-10 software support reps. My main objective was to research complex software issues while assisting team members in managing customer relations and expectations.
Children's Home
Case Manager
As a foster care case manager, I kept the legal, personal, and medical records of up to 25 children in the system at one time. My duties included making medical and visitation appointments, keeping track of legal proceedings, and relationship-building.
Compass Wilderness
Director of Operations
As the director of operations for an outdoor adventure program, I was in charge of booking trips with groups, planning and booking each days' events, creating the grocery lists for up to 100 people, organizing staff members, and creating daily schedules.


CRM Management

As a software support analyst, I assisted in reducing a backlog of 188 cases to 0 open cases. I did this by organizing the cases by topic, then by client name, then by representative name, then by reaching out to clients to resolve cases in bulk. The backlog remained less than 20 cases thereafter.

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Travel Arrangements

I have been asked many times to help in the research and booking of a vacation. For an Ireland trip (a place I've never been) I was able to put together a well-though out itinerary complete with confirmations, directions, schedules, etc.


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