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Former crime reporter and current college English professor branching out with copyediting, teaching, and writing tutor experience.

  • Portland, OR, United States
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Eric B.
Portland, OR, United States



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Burnt out after 5 years of adjunct English instruction, I'm looking to scale back on the teaching and amp up my other writing, editing, and organizational skills. Editing and proofreading gigs are ideal for me right now.

Work history

Freelance Editing/Proofreading
Freelance Proofreading/Copyediting
Copy-edited a Master’s thesis for APA style, grammar, and graduate-level structural requirements; a self-published book on leadership to match rhythm, voice, and style of writer; and a self-help instructional manual featuring a new nutritional supplement.
Technical Writer
Produced handouts on citation styles, grammatical concepts for each college’s Writing Centers. Also produced an advising manual for CCU’s student newspaper advisor.
University of Colorado Denver
English Instructor
Designed and taught Core Composition classes while meeting department guidelines and state educational requirements. Graded papers in a timely manner while meeting departmental deadlines for grade submissions.
Reported on stories, both criminal and civil, to supply round-the-clock copy for other Chicago news media, while also directing overnight crime reporter and preparing a daily news summary between 2004-2005.
English Instructor
Adapted Core Composition assignment sequence to complement film school curriculum, skills, and goals by incorporating creative writing techniques and film genre knowledge into research essays.



University of Colorado Denver
M.A. in English - Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing
M.B. Institute
B.A. Journalism



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