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Erin H.

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Want more clicks, calls, customers? I write powerful content to get you more leads and more sales.

  • Milwaukee, WI, United States
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Erin H.
Milwaukee, WI, United States

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After 5 years as a freelance writer + editor, I spent 7 years in-house as a B2B copywriter. Now I bring my chops to even more businesses that want to do good with good marketing. I'm your strategic partner if you want to get noticed—and you want to sell.

Work history

Copywriter/Certified Content Marketer
Want to boost your leads, score more sales, and build a better world? I write honest, research-driven, ballsy copy for brands whose stories I respect and want to share.
Wrote a promotional food blog enticing food and music lovers to come to WMSE’s annual Food Slam fundraiser.
Senior Copywriter/Editor
I helped CPI attract and keep customers. Whether it's sales pages, PPC landing pages, SEO copywriting, nurturing emails, eBooks, or Google ads, I write copy that converts.


Sales Page

The CPI sales team needed data to show decision makers why they should invest in training. The prospects ​were in the consideration phase with brand awareness, so I wrote ​this page ​to guide them closer to a sale. ​

Landing Page

This page has been a game changer in CPI's content marketing. It averages 674 conversions a month.

Testimonials Page

Wrote and led the development of Results, a pinboard page filled with customer testimonials and case studies. The CPI team says it's crucial to closing sales.

SEO Page

I wrote this blog post to rank for the keyword "major neurocognitive disorder." It ranks #2 in Google (sometimes #1), and garners over 3,000 page views per month.

Lighthearted Sales Page

Sometimes conversions require humor. Because WMSE's audience loves food, movies, and good times as much as music, I got to have quite a bit of fun with this page.

Storytelling Sales Page

Stories sell. I wrote this post to convince net new prospects to sharpen their skills at the CPI Instructors' Conference. Here's what Copyblogger's Sonia Simone tweeted about it: "Thought this was a great example of a powerful, principled marketing message."



Vermont College
B.A., Liberal Arts
Vermont College of Fine Arts
Graduate work toward an MFA in writing
Certified Content Marketer



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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Animals & Pets Consumer Products Ecommerce Food Health & Wellness Music PR & Communications Philanthropy Travel

Side projects

I've volunteered on a film festival's screening committee, and this year I'll be volunteering on a farm. I'm also a fiction writer, currently working on a serialized ghost story. And I blog about food, film, music, health, and, of course, WRITING!

Ideal team

I love getting results for marketing directors and CMOs in mid-size B2Bs. I also revel in writing for B2C companies that focus on holistic health and wellness. If your work is about doing good in the world, we'd work well together.