Getting Started

  • What do Peeps work on?

    Peeps work on a variety of jobs types, ranging from blog writing to advertising, PR to design and development. Anything that can be done remotely!

  • What should I expect to pay?

    It's free to submit job requests and discover freelancers to work with. Visit our guide to freelance rates page to see examples of rates freelance Peeps charge for various types of work.

    We also offer add-ons to help customize your talent search. You can purchase concierge service or promote your job listing for $150 per job.

  • How do I connect with Peeps?

    There are a number of ways to connect with Peeps to work with - like posting a job request or messaging via Peep search.

    Need help getting started? Email us at and we're happy to share more tips on how to best connect with Peeps.

Working with Peeps

  • Who manages my relationship with my Peep?

    When you connect with freelance Peeps you will work together to achieve your goals. CloudPeeps does not manage client and Peep relationships.

    Please visit our Help Center for more details on finding, engaging and managing freelance talent on CloudPeeps.

  • I've used an agency before, how is CloudPeeps different?

    Unlike agencies, CloudPeeps is not a middle man managing your relationship. You and your Peep will decide how you'd like to work together, and any budget you allocate goes toward your Peep's rate - not as a fee to CloudPeeps.

    Agencies can be expensive to use, and often you don't know who is actually working on your account. When you connect with freelance Peeps you'll know who you're working with, which builds trust and accountability as you work together to achieve your goals!

    Visit our Help Center for more details on how to use CloudPeeps.