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Used to be a QA Manager for Microsoft, but now I freelance. I write articles covering cloud computing, SEO, health, and many more.

  • Spokane, WA, United States
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Gabriel K.
Spokane, WA, United States



Over 2,500 paid articles, Writer of the Year 2009, top conversion writer for 2017, master technical writer, BA in Professional and Creative Writing, works have been published in the United States, the U.K., Spain, Canada, and Brazil.

Work history

Lead Content Writer and Titler
B2B organic articles to introduce clients from the healthcare, accounting, legal, and insurance industries to cloud computing.
Lead Content Writer and Titler
B2B cloud computing. Articles for industry leaders in the cloudiverse.
Ghost Writer
Content Writer
Articles about the new ConnectionModel, what is upcoming, and expectations with new technologies.
Content Writer
Wrote articles about academic career choices and programs in the medical and business industries.


Guide to Avoiding a Year-End Financial Close Meltdown

This is a HubPage I wrote for Host Analytics. It covered a webinar with Kars Stal and Brett Williams, both from The Hackett Group, as guest speakers.

The Future of Connection Model Looks Awesome

An article covering the core services Connection Model has to offer. This acts as an introduction page for the site, but was originally posted as a headline in their blog.

Building a Multi-Cloud Services Strategy For Your Law Firm

A B2B article for TOSS C3 touching on the basics of a private cloud versus a public cloud environment in the law firm.

5 Indicators You Have a Computer Virus

A small list article at Bandwidth Place explaining some simple steps to look for if you are worried you have a virus.

5 Reasons Why a Surgical Tech Career is Tops

An article for Fortis explaining some of the benefits of considering a career as a surgical tech.



Lindenwood University
MFA English - Creative Writing
Central Washington University
BA English - Professional and Creative Writing


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