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Greg G.

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A Copy Cat In A Good Way: Copywriting for B2B, B2C Ad Campaigns, Slogans, Taglines & Brand Messaging

  • New York, NY, USA
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Greg G.
New York, NY, USA

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I began marketing & copywriting duties for a well-known American music marketing company's London office for almost 6 years. That was a great experience that increased my international clients' brand visibility. This has helped me earn client trust today.

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Copywriter • Content Director
Punday Brunch is a small boutique freelance agency that specializes in written and visual content creation for niche brands.
Copywriter • Designer
Apparel, accessories & Electronic Lounge music aimed at international travelers who seeks a diverse, inclusive escape from their day-to-day routines


Ad we've got your back backpacks

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Recent Ad Campaigns for Comfort eCommerce store

Punday Brunch - Humorous T-Shirt Retail Portfolio

Graphic Designer for products, Copywriter for products and product descriptions

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Copywriting for Leros, a British expat magazine aimed at the Brazilian community in London, a UN Economic Dev Conference


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