Hadas B.

  • Joined May 2015

Social Media PM for content marketing firm, Founder of comrom.co a website/podcast for ladies who love arts + lifestyle equally.

  • NYC, NY, United States
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Hadas B.
NYC, NY, United States



7 years of administrative experience, 5 years of paralegal experience, 3 years of full social media and marketing experience for a content marketing firm, indie comics publishers, restaurants, 2 years podcasting experience, and more.


Not seeking work


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What I read

Anything by Dale Carnegie or the Disney Institute, currently Adam Grant, The New York Times on weekends, bestsellers, self-help, BusinessInsider, Entrepreneur, slashfilm, Allure, InStyle, Glamour, Martha Stewart, and more.

Side projects

My website comrom.co is the place for ladies who love lifestyle and arts equally. We have podcasts and posts several times a week. and collaborate with the best communities consistently.