Irvin Slobodskaya

  • Joined March 2015

Co-Founder of Shortcut. Digital / Social Marketing at Edelman. Clients include: Samsung Mobile, Ben & Jerry's, Dove, Heinz, Schick, Edge

  • New York, NY, United States
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Irvin Slobodskaya
New York, NY, United States


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I work at Edelman Digital as an Account Manager / Digital Strategist / Copywriter specializing in digital and social media marketing.
Clients: Samsung Mobile USA, Ben & Jerry's, Dove, Edge Shave Gel, AXE, Heinz, etc.


What I read

Fiction: Nabakov, Bukowski, Murakami
Non-Fiction (topics of interest): Psychology, Marketing, Biographies, Start-Ups
Outlets: Grantland, New York Magazine, NY Times, The New Yorker (anything David Grann), Vanity Fair, Deadspin/Gawker,

Side projects

I founded a company called Shortcut, it's an on-demand grooming service that sends a professionally trained barber to your home, office or hotel at the tap of a button.
Freelance writing: Cool Hunting, Uncrate, BroBible