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Inga W.

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I'm a SaaS technology marketer with 10+ years experience in integrated marketing programs, strategy, brand development and social

  • San Francisco, CA, United States
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Inga W.
San Francisco, CA, United States

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I have worked with early stage and growth tech startups, have a lot of experience marketing to developers, ops and IT. I have created and executed metics driven programs, developed original content, worked with founders, customers and partners.

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Director of Marketing
First marketing hire, developed and implemented marketing program and budget. Created blog posts, case studies, website content, and email marketing. Managed all demand gen, social, product marketing. Developed messaging and positioning for verticals.
Marketing Consultant
Developed vertical content for blog, website and landing pages to target enterprise markets for hospitality, finance, education verticals.


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I love marketing blogs and learning from companies, for pleasure I like fiction and mystery with some occasional popular trilogies.

Side projects

I have created a meetup group in SF with 2500+ members that has been featured on O'reilly, Venture Beat, GigaOM and sponsored by some of the top companies in the area.