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Jacalyn is a freelance writer and blogger who enjoys time with her family and a strong cup of coffee!

  • Biloxi, MS, United States
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Jacalyn W.
Biloxi, MS, United States



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I didn't become serious about making writing a career until I began the journey of writing a fiction novel. I have since started a blog and began building followers on social media. I'm a paid freelance blogger for CUA and enjoy my work with them.

Work history

Catholic University of America
Freelance Student Blogger
As a student of CUA, I was given the opportunity to become a paid freelance blogger. The blog is a new addition to the school's website to assist students in navigating their journey through CUA.
Ficticious You
Freelance fiction writer
This was an unpaid experiment that a client asked for my help on. I created a fictional short story based off of a picture of their customers and a short description of their personalities. I provided six short stories in total before it ended.


Sweet Boy, I saw you: A Story from Behind the Front Lines

This is a non-fiction account of a day that will forever stand out in my mind as one of the hardest days of my life. It was the day I had to remove a boy and his two sisters from their home to be placed in the custody of the state of Mississippi. These sweet children deserved more.



Family and Community Services
Master's of Social Work



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Industries I love

Animals & Pets Consumer Products Education Entertainment Kids & Parenting Philanthropy

What I read

Scary Mommy, Today Community, Parents, People Magazine, Nora Robert books, Scholarly Articles on Psychology and Mental Illnesses

Side projects

Working on creating a Non-Profit Organization, writing a book, and building a blog following.

Ideal team

I like working with people that are interested in collaborating, but I also enjoy being given an idea and allowed to have free reign on where I think it should go.