Jamie Z.

  • Joined May 2015

Travel Hacking Author and Owner of Rackyourboard.com. Experienced in Social Media, SEO, Paid Traffic Marketing, and content creation.

  • Baltimore, MD, United States
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Jamie Z.
Baltimore, MD, United States



Experience in Targeted Blog and Product Description Writing, PPC campaign management (and A/B testing), Social Media Management (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and Content Creation, Facebook Advertising, and Ecommerce Management.


Not seeking work


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What I read

Right now I'm reading "Contagious" by Jonah Berger.

I also like reading Hunter Thompson for pleasure/I love his unique commentary on social and political issues and trying to decipher the truth from his attempt to freak out the status quo.

Side projects

Earlier this year I wrote The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide which rose to Amazon Best Seller Status in several categories- holding it's position for 3 weeks. The book is still top 3-5 in each one.

I also own/ solely run the site RackYourboard.com