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Hi! Thank you for visiting out my page. ๐Ÿ˜ŠI'm Jane. I am a well seasoned and experienced ghostwriter with lots of writing experience.

  • California, MO, USA
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Jane T.
California, MO, USA



Jane is a freelance lifestyle writer whose work has appeared on, Dermstore, Brit + Co, Romper, Yahoo, SheKnows, HelloGiggles, I am a writer, connector, and creative director specializing in artist relations and community engagement.

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Zenith Travels
Creative Writer
Worked as a creative writer for creating Travel ebooks
B n F Realtors
Creative Writer & Graphics Designer
Worked as an ebook ghostwriter and graphics designer for B n F Realtors.


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Effective Email Marketing

Internet marketing is a significant way of reaching your customers in an affordable way. One component of this email marketing which is being added to, or replacing, directing mail campaigns.


Detoxification Secrets experts Don't Want You To Know.

Detoxification is becoming an essential part of maintaining optimal health. We can no longer avoid toxins. We are being damaged by them everyday. What we can do is take action to minimize exposure and get them out of the body before they do too much damage.


15 mistakes with your business card

You should never underestimate the impression your business card can make on your business. It can attract numerous customers and massively boost your sales if itโ€™s designed correctly and creatively. It can also have a lot of negative impacts if itโ€™s not consistent with your brand of business


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