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Janie R.

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  • Joined June 2020

Hi, I'm Janie and social media is my passion. I'm a Social Media Manager specialising in Instagram Marketing, Copywriting & Graphic Design.

  • Telford, UK
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Janie R.
Telford, UK



I've been passionate about social media since I can remember. I believe in social media platforms and love using them to spread positivity and help out other people or companies with my expertise.

Work history

I run 3 social media accounts for a gaming youtuber who would rather spend his time editing his youtube content. Since me promoting, I've quadrupled his subscribers.
Print Dsign
Print Dsign
I run the twitter, instagram and facebooks for a print company based in Manchester. I've helped gain them a lot of engagement and a few new customers through my promotion.
Visualisation Studio
I run the facebooks, instagrams and twitters for a CGI visualisation studio based in Manchester. I've made some great posts through pictures given to me and have since increased their followers and gained them a few clients.



I was given several images when I took over these accounts but decided I wanted to amp them up a little so I used my graphic design skills to edit them and make them stand out amongst the other CGI studio accounts on instagram.


This was the first account I was given and I am very proud of how I've helped the subscriber count grow.


I'm very proud of how I revamped my own instagram account. It started off as an unprofessional account to promote my small youtube channel but became a colour coordinated page full of fun, positive, high quality posts in terms of writing and photography.


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