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Jasmine C.

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My diverse background is fused from my experience in marketing, film and event production alongside art exhibit curation.

  • New York, United States
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Jasmine C.
New York, United States

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Content Development



My diverse background working in the field of marketing, video and event production alongside the arts has led me to work in creative fields that require streamline workflow, team deligation and execution to get projects completed on time.

Work history

Unit Production Manager
Worked alongside Producer for each department’s needs to stay within budget for clients’ satisfaction. Also developed concepts for project execution and built production plan surrounding the goals.
Site Coordinator
Oversaw Essence Fest through production stages to execute within given budget per departments requests. Oversaw hotels and flights for talent, sponsors and staff to keep consistency with booking agencies, itineraries and to stay within programming needs
Event Manager/Project Supervisor
Create production schedules to meet goals for a seemless workflow between our company, clients and crew. Maintaining vendor relationships for event activities and game plan communication between client and teams.
Creative Director
Being the overall creative drive behind these executed interactive art exhibits I make sure to build a game plan within a 3-6 month time frame that allows us to meet our goals within a budget and communicate to team, city, and press relations for events


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"Make America Great Again?!" Exhibition + Town Hall

Event recaps are important for press/media distribution and to close out a project. You always want to thank those who didn't attend, update those who missed the event and provide not only a closure but to give insight on what's to come next.

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Culture Fusé Fundraiser

Escape Artists Collective alongside other art platforms raised funds for grassroots located in Puerto Rico, Mexico and U.S.V.I. Onesheets are a great way to let others know the work you're doing, info to share on social media and provide just enough backstory for potential sponsors and partners.

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Artist Exhibition Mission Statement

Having a mission statement is the essential backbone to the very meaning of your brand, product, project or company. Your mission articulates your why, who, what, where, when and how into creative expression so others can relate with your "mission".

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Having a proposal to pitch for sponsor partnership helps to cover costs, provide an even higher production value and build your credibility in expanding your audience.

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From Culture Fuse to Grassroots Blog Post

Writing blog posts shares your personality type, grows your audience organically and expands your credibility on your brand. You always want your readers/audience to feel that much closer to you and learn something by the time they're done reading your post.

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"So What's HerStory?" Press Release

You always want to release a Press Release no matter what industry you're in. A Press Release is your professional calling announcement to give press and public figures knowledge and access to your event.



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Industries I love

Entertainment Events Media

What I read

I love reading each morning and evening. Some of these include Entreneur Mag, Bust Mag, Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Latina Mag and books by Paulo Coelho and Don Miguel Ruiz which both provide inisghts and metaphors into improving ones life.

Side projects

I shoot film projects, commercials (primarily viral), photo journalism showcasing works by others and sharing their stories and curate art exhibits for both local and international artists based on theme's and political climates.

Ideal team

My ideal team is the team I have, all mixed fusions of styles from business savvy to creative brand building to thinking of designs to considering realistic goals and budgets. I can work from 10-100 people as long as we communicate consistently.