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Jeremy L.

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  • Joined June 2019

Jeremy LImn is a freelance writer, journalist, poet, and copywriter.

  • Hobart TAS, Australia
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Jeremy L.
Hobart TAS, Australia



Professional Freelance journalist currently freelancing for WriteFuel.

Work history

Freelance Journalist
Responsibilities: Write high-quality content articles on various topics such as local politics, ancient cultures, social media, environmental issues, youth, labor issues, and general society.
Boom Video
Marketing campaign for Weetbix, and The Justice Crew Music group. Utilized a social media account to create tweets which were short simple and cohesive. Demonstrated social media expertise to sell the product. Creating branded content.


How Adobe Makes Its Money.

A financial article on how Adobe makes its money.

Four Ways To Get Onto The Property Ladder

A ghostwritten an article for my employer WriteFuel.


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