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Jesse H.

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I'm Jesse Howe an information designer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. I create visualizations for media outlets across the U.S.

  • Kansas City, MO, USA
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Jesse H.
Kansas City, MO, USA

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Currently, I work as a contract information designer for many different journalism outlets across the United States. I’m consulted on design decisions around interactive graphics and visualizations along with building custom graphics in javascript and D3.

Work history

Flatland (Kansas City Public Television)
Data Reporer
I worked with journalists, food writers, and video producers to create charts and graphics for print, web, and television. This included launching the first interactive web projects for the company’s digital magazine.
Data Tech
I was tasked with working with the lead designer on documenting design systems related to the company’s dashboard products. This included research around the accessibility of chart types and appropriate use cases, along with color palettes and orientation


Oklahoma's Elementary Vaccination Rates

Many Oklahoma schools report required vaccination rates for kindergarteners at 95% or above, according to a 2017-18 survey. But some schools have rates well below 80% and rates of vaccination exemptions above 10% or even 20%. Find out the rates for your school and county.

How To Go Far In The Spelling Bee

The Scripps National Spelling Bee returned on Monday with more than 560 spellers. What kinds of words tend to trip spellers up? What are the common pitfalls to look out for?

Top Grossing Disney Movies

Walt Disney Studios is responsible for some of the most iconic and popular movies to ever be created. We look back at the company’s highest-grossing flicks over the years.

Kansas City's Vietnam

In preparation for the Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary. I collected historical census data and written reports of KIA soldiers to tell the story of what those years during the Vietnam war looked like in Kansas City.

Moose Makes The Grade

Royals infielder Mike Moustakas beat the team’s 32-year home run record in a season with home run No. 37 on Sept. 20 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Steve Balboni previously held the title with 36 home runs in 1985.



University of Kansas City Missouri
B.S. Geography



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