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Jessica M.

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  • Joined October 2020

I strive to create designs that have a purpose and communicate my clients' passions, and work to constantly improve my talent.

  • Colorado
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Jessica M.



I'm a recent graduate of Colorado State University and have had classwork, freelance design, and internships to build a solid foundation and refine my design style as a designer. I also do digital illustration and traditional art in my spare time.

Work history

Freelance Graphic Designer
I created the company logo for a private health practice, working one on one with clients to design a logo for their mission. I was later recommissioned to update the logo as the partners had gone separate ways, and worked efficiently to alter the piece.
Freelance Graphic Designer
I created the official company logo for a martial arts business, working one on one with the client to design all aspects to their specifications and help their passions shine, fine-tuning their ideas as necessary.
Global Leaders
Graphic Designer & Intern
I worked with a close-knit and student-centered nonprofit company to create community-based material, targeting multiple audiences through limited marketing. I also improved business professionalism through creating standard type, color, & design.
Graphic Designer & Intern
I worked with multiple departments and constantly managed several projects; designed web & print materials for a variety of purposes including event marketing, social media, rebranding, & proposals, and created for a variety of audiences across campus.


Masters ad final

Master's Ad, for the CSU College of Liberal Arts

I was chosen to design an ad for the CSU Liberal Art's Master's Program to go in an alumni donor magazine. The ad went through several layers of office management to receive edits and reviews before it was approved, and the result is a clean, professional design that I'm proud of.

Coffee Packaging Labels, for Global Leaders

Part of my job at GL was creating a standard for future designers to work off of. They had very little labeling or marketing tools, and this was one of the first projects I completed for them.



Colorado State University
BFA w/ a double concentration in Graphic Design & Drawing


Seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 20hrs per week


Industries I love

Animals & Pets Consumer Products Education Entertainment Events Food Media

Side projects

I am constantly working to improve all of my skills, and so complete all sorts of side projects through graphic design as well as digital and traditional artwork.

Ideal team

Due to my experience, I'm able to work with most any dynamic. I'm a team player and work well with others regardless, but my favorite projects have been those involving individuals or a close-knit team.