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We help young people (and their parents) become financially responsible. Our core product is an integrated mobile app and prepaid debit card. We’re a team of about 20, based in London. We’ve raised $10m from Index & Horizon Ventures. We have 25,000+ members using Osper in the UK & we're gearing up to launch in the US, with a NYC HQ.

Startup, Tech
Founded in 2012

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Jack McCambridge

Head of Community Development

Listing published on Fri, 08 May 2015. Expired over 7 years ago on Fri, 15 May 2015.

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This role is absolutely central to the success of Osper's expansion into the US and globally. You will be responsible for Osper's community and content development efforts to achieve Osper's leadership ambitions around teaching young people about money. You will continually refine the strategy, execute the tactical plan and drive towards both top and bottom of funnel success metrics.

You will be asked to take leadership roles in Osper's social and PR channels to serve both customer and corporate messaging goals.

You will also be tasked with educating internal product teams and external partner institutions on the needs and behaviors of young people, parents and educators who want young people to learn how to be financially responsible..

You will operate with a high level of autonomy in US headquarters in New York, but be expected to communicate frequently and effectively with UK headquarters, and particularly the CEO, growth, community and product teams.

You are passionate about empowering young people, especially by leveraging new technology in the right way.

You believe in learning by doing, particularly when it comes to teaching young people about money.

You have naturally strong editorial skills and a keen sense for establishing and adhering to a distinctive brand voice.

You are an outgoing, master organizer when it comes to immersing yourself and curating a community to rally interest and peer to peer support behind a movement like teaching young people about money.

You have rock solid instincts, if not direct experience, in user acquisition/funnel management which allows you to measure impact and methodically prioritize community development tactics.

You are a scrappy self-starter who can excel in an unstructured environment, which includes a steady cadence of experimentation and post-mortem evaluation, and also entails navigating several geographies and time zones daily.

You have at least 5 years experience in a related community or general marketing role, ideally with a technology company and/or in the education or financial services field.

The opportunity to be part of a fast-growing (30+ cards per minute ordered at summer 2014 UK launch), well funded ($10M+ raised from Index Ventures, Horizons Ventures, et al.) early stage company that has the potential to be hugely impactful, both commercially and societally (multi billion dollar market addressing critical issues such as early financial literacy, managing college debt, etc.).

A fantastic group of colleagues with experience working at companies like Spotify, Hailo, Disqus and Lulu.

Lots of social, educational and downright fun experiences with both colleagues and customers.

After the initial contract-to-hire period (1-3 months), a competitive salary, benefits and equity package with substantial upside will be on offer.


We are looking for someone immediately to join full-time. This is a full-time contract-to-hire opportunity, that will start hourly on CloudPeeps (1-3 months) and move to a salaried role.


Please share 1-3 examples of successes you've created that animated and energized a community, whether for a specific product (like Osper) or for a brand, cause, mission, or event.

Please provide a critique of our existing brand, mission, message, and/or approach to community and tell us how you'd help us improve.

This job listing has expired.