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Wired2Learn Academy

Starting an innovative school for the 21st century learner. A place were we give children a voice in what, where, when and how they learn. A place where intervention is for everyone. A place were children will know they are valued and learning coaches help children build on their strengths and learn knew skills that will propel then into their full potential! A school where creative work spaces and tech is the educational frame, relationship is the fuel and the student is the driver!

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Alyssa Pukkila

Launch a Kickstarter Campaign

Listing published on Mon, 14 Nov 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Mon, 21 Nov 2016.

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I am looking for a fast acting social media expert who can help me quickly build a significant web presence for a school that I am starting. I live in the Pacific Northwest and will be starting and innovative school for 21st century kids. In a nutshell, this school will give children autonomy in their learning. Learning coaches will build on a child's strengths. This will be done in a true project based educational model where children learn to work with their peers in meaningful, real projects that benefit the community, which are driven by the students. The expected ration of children to learning coach is 12:1.


Completed within 1 month.


Do you have experience doing a social media launch for a crowd funding campaign? If so, did the crowd-funding campaign reach its goal?

This job listing has expired.