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Long Island Swimming

teach children to swim/ run a competitive swim club

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Founded in 1979

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Thomas Gardner

Marketing Specialist

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We are a 36 year old swim program on Long Island and one of the best in the country. We run Long Island Aquatic Club, a competitive program from ages 7-18, and a Learn to Swim School. The club is a non profit while the swim school is for profit. We are expanding both.

We are currently building our second swim school and expect it to run at capacity like our existing school. We want to promote the brand so our new school opens as close to capacity as possible. Thus far, we haven't had to do any marketing or advertising as we have an extremely loyal community with swim students (and their families) staying with our school for years on end. However, we're looking to expand our brand and build 4-8 more schools in the New York area over the next 10 years. Because we're looking for increased growth, we need help putting together a marketing plan to ensure that we continue to bring in new students and their families for our new locations. We are very open to suggestions on how to launch this campaign as it is something entirely new to us.

Our ideal Peep will:

- Have experiencing building and expanding brand reputation and awareness (bonus points for education and non-profits)
- Can suggest numerous ways to reach our community (mom groups, school systems, using social media, email marketing, etc)
- Will have a familiarity with the New York and/or Long Island community (preference to NY based Peeps, but not mandatory, job is remote)


Starting ASAP - around 25 hours/week (could fluctuate more or less as the campaign rolls out)


- Give us an example of how you would identify and reach out to our customer demographic
- Share any knowledge you have of the Long Island/NYC swimming/educational community
- Share an example of how you helped grow a brand's presence

This job listing has expired.