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Fluent City

Fluent City is the culture school for the insatiably curious. From popup events and month-long immersions, Fluent City brings people together to discover food and drink, art and design, language and beyond. Led by influential experts, learn how to craft your own signature cocktail, speak French like a native, design your apartment, and generally live like a local wherever you go.

Startup, Entertainment
Founded in 2012

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Elizabeth Greenaway

Email Marketing Specialist

Listing published on Thu, 17 Nov 2016. Expired over 4 years ago on Thu, 24 Nov 2016.

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Work type
Billing type
Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
Monthly budget
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Temporary 2 month role based in Brooklyn, NY.
20-25 hours per week with a fixed monthly rate of $1.5-$2k.
**We're ideally looking for someone to work in our office**

Fluent City is a language & culture school for the modern age. We offer language classes in four cities, and our curriculum is all about getting you to speak confidently (and fluently!) and not about completing endless written exercises. We've taught over 23,000 students, and recently offered immersive classes in mixology, interior design, and culture.

What are we looking for?
You’ll curate, create and distribute content via email such as newsletters and targeted campaigns.

You'll love contributing fresh, experimental ideas to targeted marketing campaigns in email/phone to convert new and existing subscribers into students in our community.

You'll know HTML.. or getting deep into the guts of it sounds like an adventure you'd like to go on.

You've got good attention to detail, and could own creating a series of trigger transactional emails.

You're comfortable writing copy for emails, know that you're and your are different, and you know how to take or where to find a good image.

You may or may not be a hardcore email marketer but you realize this essential digital channel may not be the sexiest, you understand the appeal of this powerful digital direct response channel.

IRL you're the curious type: maybe you like hanging with people from all walks of life or when you travel you eat like a local, but either way you'll see the value in collecting experiences and not things.


1 to 3 months

Time zone preference
Eastern Time (US & Canada) with ±1 hour of overlap.

What interests you about our business?
Describe an email that always gets your open/clicks? (what about that type of email gets your attention?)

This job listing has expired.