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Me and my team help grow amazing businesses rapidly using a combination of strategy consulting and online marketing implementation!

Agency, Advertising & Marketing
Founded in 2011

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Mitchell Harper

Content marketing + copywriting expert

Listing published on Sun, 20 Nov 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Mon, 28 Nov 2016.

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Hi everyone,

We are looking for a talented, smart, focused person who can help with our content marketing (specifically inbound marketing) and content distribution efforts.

Right now we're looking for a part-time person (say 10-15 hours per week) but there's a great chance this could become something more for the right person.

To be great for this role, you should:

- Have (proven) experience writing amazingly engaging and long-form content targeted at small business owners and entrepreneurs

- Excellent research skills using tools like BuzzSumo and Google's keyword tool to find topics of interest with high search volume

- Be an excellent communicator and persuader via email. This role involves both creating AND distributing great content and writing persuasive emails, forum posts, etc is really important here

If that sounds like you, then we'd love to hear from you!


3 to 6 months


1. Please link to the 3 BEST pieces of content you've ever created

2. Talk a bit about how you find topics to write about that will cut through and genuinely help small business owners and entrepreneurs

3. Which tools do you currently use to research ideas for blog posts and other content?

4. Have you heard of skyscraper content? If not, please take a few minutes to read this post ( This is the EXACT process we're looking for someone to implement.

This job listing has expired.