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Circles is part of a new movement in training and learning. Peer groups (or 'circles') meet in an online video room every other week for 90 minutes and work together to explore challenges in their personal and professional lives. 'We learn better in circles than in rows'.

Startup, Education
Founded in 2016

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Freelance copywriter for education tech startup

Listing published on Thu, 08 Dec 2016. Expired over 4 years ago on Thu, 15 Dec 2016.

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We are Circles, an education tech startup based in New York City. We have spent one year developing and testing an online platform that allows individuals to learn and grow together in what we call “guided peer groups”. There is a ton of information on our website about what we are creating and why. The current website ( was created to communicate with advisors pre-launch. We are updating the site over the next few weeks with new copy.

We’ve got a great team working on this, including some of the most amazing people in education today. (By the way, the first person we hired to help bring Circles to life is also a peep. She continues to work with us. In fact, she's typing this text.)


We are looking for a versatile writer that has experience producing copy that is both engaging and proven to convert visitors to customers as well as someone capable of doing longer form writing to create easy to understand, educational content that inspires action.


1. Landing page copy
- To convert visitors: signups and/or applicants

2. Website copy
- To establish trust and thought leadership with investors, potential customers (we call them learners) and advisors
- Articles and blog posts

3. Email nurture campaigns
- To get potential customers to overcome the barrier of applying and joining a circle

4. Email educational campaigns
- To inform and educate applicants and circle members of the value of the Circles and how to get the most out of their circle


On one hand, we need to create engaging copy for our landing pages that engages and converts visitors to applicants to join one of our circles. On the other hand, we have a need to educate users about the value of joining a circle, and how a circle can help them in solving the needs and challenges they have in their job.


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Eastern Time (US & Canada) with ±3 hours of overlap.

1. What is it about this opportunity that caught your interest?

2. What relevant experience do you have that can be valuable for this role?

3. What's your availability? Can you dedicate 40-50 hours in December and then 10 hours per week beginning January 2017?

This job listing has expired.