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Environmental Media Organization

Niche environmental policy media. URL provided reflects brand agency we are working with. Launch of brand on social media = April 2017.

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Matt Harney

Lead Twitter for Environmental Media Organization

Listing published on Mon, 12 Dec 2016. Expired almost 6 years ago on Tue, 20 Dec 2016.

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Launching environmental policy focused media brand in 2017.

Recruiting now for a talented, engaged and thoughtful independent professional to manage our brand Twitter account.


We will be adopting essentially a Twitter only social media strategy.

Sole focus of Twitter account is to be a helpful and thoughtful voice in our space - basically an account you would actually want to read.

Nearly all content would be curating and sharing excellent environmental content, especially from core journalist and industry relationships. NOT FOCUSED on conversions, promoting ourselves, our follower metrics, etc. Just amplifying the best of our original content creation required.

Founder to provide 1-to-1 overview of brand strategy, brand voice, goals and guidelines.

Once on-board and given a strong interest in environmental issues, daily workload should be manageable (best guess 20 minutes a day based on similar work we've done internally).


More than 12 months


What do you think CSR means to our audience?

This job listing has expired.