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We are a life changing consciousness facilitating company who would like to see the world be a happiness, easier more joyful space and place!

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Social media and SEO

Listing published on Mon, 06 Feb 2017. Expired almost 6 years ago on Mon, 13 Feb 2017.

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Hi there,
I require someone to help me grow and maintain my social media accounts.
I primarily use Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube right now and would like to incorporate twitter.
I have loads of content and a large customer base but not the time to make sure all the yummy best stuff is out there like it needs to be.
If you also know about google add words and other social media advertising I would like to start getting assertive with that.
Both of my web sites require SEO big time and really what else is possible? &
I produce and facilitate very life transformational content so need someone who desires to change the world and knows it is possible.
This isn't just a job its a way of life and would love the extra help making sure that the content can be accessed.


More than 12 months


Are you interested in stuff out side the box?
How do you feel about alternative content like ghosts, spirit communication and healing through consciousness?

This job listing has expired.