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Website Creation: UX/UI Focus

Listing published on Thu, 09 Feb 2017. Expired almost 6 years ago on Thu, 16 Feb 2017.

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We are interested in building an UX / UI website presentation from scratch (front & back-end, own CMS) for a new sport called Football Valah. The website will contain the game rules and a full video recording of a game (100 minutes) and future fields locations. Recorded material video will be available somewhere on or around 15.04.2017. On 17.07.2016, we've organized an experimental match

Results came from tested market, convinced us to move forward with this project. Total number of pages is 5 - 6 (game rules, questions, tactics) depending on designer`s creativity/ability to concentrate entire info into one single page using an ventilated manner, so the game can be understood including by an 6 year old boy.

Website will also have an "Locations" section which will show to audience phisically map locations towards fotbal valah`s fields like . Future format for our website we want to be like We can provide all materials including structure site.

Through this website, we will pursue two main objectives:
a) Attracting people who want to practice this sport locally
b) Attracting people who are interested in news, events, press official press releases applicable throughout the Wallachian football system.


1 to 3 months


Given this information, please send us:

a) Why you are interested in this project
b) Some examples of UX/UI websites as guidance (preferably from sports field)
c) Your rate/time for completion/process development/any conditions

This job listing has expired.