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Sarah Summit

Community Manager for Beauty Brands

Listing published on Thu, 09 Feb 2017. Expired almost 6 years ago on Thu, 16 Feb 2017.

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I am looking to bring on a community manager / social media manager to manage two beauty clients. I'm looking for someone with strong experience on Facebook and Instagram, preferably with Ad Manager and Power Editor. This role has the possibility for growth. This role is primarily to help with community management for an existing social strategy, but I would love to bring someone on that shares ideas and makes recommendations.

Platforms we use: slack, basecamp, dropbox, sumall, hootsuite, dapulse.

- Scheduling and monitoring posts for 2 beauty brands for Instagram and Facebook (small Pinterest activity possible) 3-4 posts a week per brand. All content, copy and direction will be provided 2 weeks in advance - we strive to have everything you need turned over so there is no last minute hustle and panic.
- Monitoring client social accounts for mentions, comments...etc (we use Hootsuite)
- Help with building client reports (we currently use Sumall) for reporting on ad performance
- Social media and content strategy for upcoming campaigns - this will be directed by myself or a creative director, but all ideas are welcome!
- Bi-weekly check in calls - I prefer to work on Slack, so don't worry I don't want to keep you on the phone all day!
- Slight client contact - just a brief introduction so they know who's on the team. You're primary contact will be me.


3 to 6 months


I'm looking for someone who can:
- Take initiative
- Be a self-starter
- Has keen attention to detail
- Can generate reports
- Has at least 1-2 years of experience managing social media for brands

Please tell me about your experience:
- Managing social media accounts + online communities (share specific account examples)
- Your process for staying accountable to clients (reports? check-ins?)
- What is your familiarity using tools like slack, basecamp, dropbox, sumall, hootsuite, dapulse?

This job listing has expired.