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Currently, zzenga is a solo LLC (me!) with providing marketing and website design services to clients. We have a couple of very interesting projects on the horizon, so I'm looking for marketing, content, design, and development roles to help me grow zzenga.

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Travel Guide Creation

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I purchased with the intention of creating a travel guide for Skiathos - a Greek island in the northwest Aegean Sea. My goal is to create content and resources that speak to UK tourists going to the website and considering booking a vacation.

[Note: the site is a complete work in progress, my first goal is to get this guide up and running]

I would like to emulate Lonely Planet's guide book style, with key sections like:
- Holidays
- Flights
- Deals
- History
- Ferries
- Property
- Weather

The guide will likely be around 20 pages long (I already have an outline), I just need someone who can research and put together the content. For now it won't be design heavy, rather content in a simple Google Doc. However, if you have design experience and would be able to help add in more visual elements as well that would be great.

My number one priority is finding a Peep to work with me who has targeted experience in content creation within the travel/tourism industry.


Not sure.


- Have you created travel guides before? Please share examples.

- What work have you done within the travel/tourist industry?

- Are you able to write content using language that targets a UK audience?

- What are your rates for a project like this? I'm open to negotiation and hearing what you would charge.

This job listing has expired.