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Workspired helps people find and pursue their passion using a proven process.

Startup, Education
Founded in 2016

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Indar Gill

Paid Ad Campaigns on Social Media

Listing published on Sun, 26 Feb 2017. Expired almost 6 years ago on Mon, 06 Mar 2017.

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Hiya Peeps,

I run a startup called Workspired which helps people find and pursue their passion :)

I need some help with paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn primarily. The specific help I need includes:
- copywriting and creating the ad
- posting the ad on the channels
- monitoring the ad and drawing insights to feed back to me
- offering suggestions/expertise on how to improve results i.e. sign up to my newsletter and ultimately the program Workspired runs

I see this being a long term relationship with us starting on a bit of a trial to see how it all works. As such I'm keen on a fixed monthly fee for your help/assistance.

I would love for someone who has had experiencing with advertising for a similar type of business to support me. Also if you are based in Melbourne, Australia that would be a bonus but not essential if you are absolutely brilliant at what you do :)

Can't wait to hear from you!

Many thanks,



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Time zone preference
Melbourne with ±3 hours of overlap.

What experience have you had growing similar types of business?
How long have you been helping organisations with paid advertising?
What results have you achieved?

This job listing has expired.