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Motto is a branding agency that crafts magnetic brands for visionary companies. We work on brand strategy, brand identity, packaging & websites for clients worldwide.

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Founded in 2005

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Sunny Bonnell

Inspiring Content Writer for Branding Agency Blog

Listing published on Wed, 17 Jun 2015. Expired almost 6 years ago on Wed, 24 Jun 2015.

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Motto is a branding agency based in Dallas, TX that works with visionary leaders to build inspiring and magnetic brands.

We're seeking an inspiring writer who loves crafting powerful stories about branding, design, entrepreneurship and the journey of creating the life you want. We'd like you to help us create, edit and deliver powerful blog content. You'll work closely with the leadership team at Motto and be responsible for the creation of article and content ideas we have for topics including writing SEO optimized, keyword-dense posts, and editing content for quality. You'll also assist in optimizing existing blog content for SEO, and determining proper keyword focus of articles based on our direction.

- We'd like to work together on a weekly basis
- Outline the critical points to cover for a specific content piece.
- Conduct web-based research on up and coming topics on branding, entrepreneurship, stories, and more.

Skills Listed:
- You're a wordsmith
- You can articulate yourself well
- You understand how to use metaphors
- You're writing is smart, perhaps even clever
- SEO savvy writer
- Excellent grammar
- Keyword research
- Works well under pressure
- You're detail oriented
- If you're funny, that also wins points

- Write headlines, blog content, etc. for our site.
- Create keyword-rich content to keep our audience engaged.
- Write, edit and create the SEO per post within the CMS for the website.
- Edit and repurpose existing content for new use.
- Enforce brand tone and voice guidelines.
- QA site and content to ensure copy, images, hyperlinks, and other assets meet branding guidelines and are fully functional.
- Write 2 articles per week.
- Find/crop images to support posts.


We'd like to start right away and we'll likely be looking at 5-10 hours per week.


Tell us a story about you. Help us understand who you are and why you might be a good fit for us. Provide links to example blog posts/articles only. If you have links to work on sites like Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, TNW, Fast Company and Entrepreneur, please highlight that expertise and send links.

This job listing has expired.