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Listing published on Wed, 17 Jun 2015. Expired almost 6 years ago on Wed, 24 Jun 2015.

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Tilt is actively looking for an awesome candidate for a social media contractor! This person would ideally work up to 40 hours per week from Tilt HQ in SoMa, San Francisco, now through September (although this is flexible), and would work directly with our Head of Social Media on all-things-social, with a central focus on building our Instagram followers and engagement. They would also work on building out partnerships with brands and influencers, focusing largely on our college demographic.

We're looking for someone who works quickly, doesn't need a ton of direction, would be interested in the role potentially converting to a full-time role at Tilt, and has 1-3 years of experience in marketing/communications/social media.

The culture at Tilt is extremely special and our team is extremely talented (with people who come from Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Box, Eventbrite, etc.), plus we have a private chef who caters the most delicious lunches and dinners! I love the environment here and think they'd have a lot of fun with this role and learn a lot. We're ideally looking for someone in the Bay Area who can work from our SF office for a majority of the week.


Looking for someone to start ASAP. ~40 hours/week.


Would love to see the candidates personal Instagram handle, and brand handles they've worked on, any social media campaigns that are relevant to the college demographic, etc.

This job listing has expired.