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3rdwave is an online platform enabling companies to manage their global supply chains simply. The 3rdwave platform is a central hub, connecting third parties within the supply chain with enterprise systems. 3rdwave comprises Global Transportation Management and Trade Compliance Management.

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Marketing Strategy

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3rdwave is looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist to build a marketing strategy for us. The goals of the strategy are:
1) Conversion: We currently drive approximately 150 visitors per week. The main traffic generator is the blog that we write. Users visit the blog, and then bounce. The site is not optimized to convert visitors into leads. This needs to be fixed.
2) Traffic generation: While we drive traffic via the blog, we are looking to drive traffic in other methods. We are interested in determining the best new source(s?) of traffic (Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads) and optimizing the website to convert the leads, including retargeting.
3) Content strategy: We are pretty good at generating good content (so we've been told). But, it is not done with an end goal in mind. We need help coming up with a content strategy, developing goals, and then creating the content to meet those goals.


Completed within 1 month.

This job listing has expired.