Breazy is a B2C ecommerce marketplace focused on nicotine "vaping,"​ which is two thirds of the $5bn US electronic cigarette market. Our goal is to have the largest e liquid selection on the web by selling direct to consumers, but also allowing third party businesses to sell on our site through a marketplace model. We are building a niche focused Amazon, with a strong focus on best in class customer service and product selection.

Startup, Ecommerce
Founded in 2014

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Sofia Fuller

Digital Paid Media Specialist

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Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
Service fee
20%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Breazy is looking for a digital paid media specialist.

This job is less of a focus on traditional channels like Google and Facebook, but more on untraditional channels (Adroll, other ad networks, affiliate traffic, pop-ups, etc).

This position is best suited for a candidate with prior online marketing experience. The Digital Paid Media Specialist should possess a firm grasp of the primary online marketing strategies: SEO, paid search, social platforms, content marketing, targeting, and retargeting. Additionally, this team member should have a working knowledge of the paid search platforms and campaigns. Strong analytical skills are essential to the success of this position.


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Please answer the following guidelines:

1. Which paid media channels do you have experience with?
2. Include an example of how you helped a client with paid media
3. What attracts you to working with Breazy on paid media?