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The Drop Wine

There is currently a disconnect between established wine industry players and Millennial consumers. Whereas craft beers and spirits are growing in revenue and share, wine remains flat. Why? Because the major wine brands aren’t providing a wine that Millennials identify with even though they make up 30% of current wine drinkers.

However, Millennials want options aside from light beer. Recent articles in Details Mag and Vice confirm that perceptions among Millennials are shifting when it comes to wine, especially when it comes to men drinking rosé. In contrast to the wine category as a whole, rosé wine sales in the U.S, are increasing at a breakneck speed, estimated at 50% YoY growth.

The Drop will buck wine conventions in every sense, from the 4 pack single serve aluminum can packaging to its content-first marketing strategy. Rather than relying on traditional, staid tasting notes to push product, The Drop will embody the irreverent, Endless Summer lifestyle that Millennials crave. Consumers will share The Drop’s content through social channels and become brand advocates. Even our store sampling events will be parties, bringing community and unexpectedness to a previously commoditized marketing tactic. In order to create this unique product, we have put together a difficult to replicate supply chain that includes private label wine sellers, a mobile canning production line, and alternative packaging suppliers. In addition, we will invest in award-winning packaging design & content creators to bring the brand to life in a way that other wine brands are unable to replicate.

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Founded in 2015

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Alexis Beechen

Grow A Community of Rosé-Loving Dudes

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We are a new alcohol beverage company whose first product, a dry rosé wine sold in a 4 pack of aluminum cans, is launching Spring 2016. We hope to take the pretension out of rosé wine and position it as a more interesting and drinkable alternative to light beer for both male and female Millennials. With the unorthodox, multi-serve packaging, we can offer a more social, eco-friendly beverage that can be the perfect companion at the beach, on the course, or in your backyard.
However, we want our brand to stand for more than a nice wine in a cool can. We want to create a brand that embodies our goal of turning wine perception upside down as well as a consistent reminder of being with buddies on a beautiful summer day.

Before our product even launches, we want to bring the world of The Drop to life and get evangelists behind the The Drop to incite customers, tease media, and intrigue investors. To do so, we want to create and foster a community on the social media channels that our target frequents, firstly Twitter and Instagram. We want to surprise and delight our followers with fun, slightly irreverent content that relates to their daily lives but also transports them to a better place where the wine is flowing and the girls are all beautiful.

As for specific deliverables, we want to grow our community to the tens of thousands on Instagram and Twitter with engaged followers within six months. We want to create content that is easy to share and resonates with our target (extroverted, college-educated Millennials aged 23 - 35 in major cities). We think this can be done by finding the right content creator vs. spending a lot of money on fancy production. Look at @thefatjewish and @betches but also @yeswayrose and @theskimm - all created robust communities with simple content because they know their audience and can translate their brands well. We would like
15 pieces of content/month as well as some light community management to adapt to each channel.


We want to start ASAP, the accounts have already been activated. I would expect each piece of content to take about 1 hour to create and post. I would also like to have bi-monthly 1 hour calls to discuss topics you think would be interesting as well as re


We want this content to be humorous and resonate with our target, so you need to show us that you understand this demographic and can make content they like. We also are looking for someone who can start honing the voice of the brand, so we would like to see examples of your writing or how you would interpret the brand. Ideally, these two would be conveyed through 4 sample posts. Two showing Instagram versions and two showing the Twitter versions.

We also want to make sure we are choosing someone who knows how to grow a community, so examples of how you've grown accounts would be very relevant.

This job listing has expired.