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Katrina Lempenski

Tech Streamlining Support: Calendar Focus (Mac Using Outlook)

Listing published on Mon, 24 Jul 2017. Expired over 5 years ago on Mon, 07 Aug 2017.

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Soloprenuer Coach in need of tech support to clean up my calendar system! I use Outlook on a mac, have an iphone, and three business email addresses. My calendars aren't syncing across Outlook on my desktop and on my iphone. This job entails 2 parts: 1) Clean up and sync my calendar correctly (i.e. make my devices "talk" to each other correctly!) and 2) Ensuring that all is running smoothly so I can set up an Acuity/other calendar system for online bookings.

This is likely a fairly basic project for someone with this skillset. Freelancers who are kind, patient and respectful that tech is not a strong suit of mine are deeply appreciated - thanks!


Completed within 2 weeks.

Time zone preference
Eastern Time (US & Canada) with ±1 hour of overlap.

What projects of this ilk have you completed before? How long did it take you? Please describe the exact scenario and how you solved it, thanks!

This job listing has expired.