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We make learning systems which consist of toys and apps, bringing together best of both digital and physical.

Startup, Kids & Parenting
Founded in 2012

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Matthew Sargeant

Social Media Management for Tiggly

Listing published on Thu, 30 Jul 2015. Expired over 7 years ago on Mon, 10 Aug 2015.

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Tiggly is a series of learning systems combined with apps which enable parents to incorporate early learning into today's "digital sandbox" where kids play. We need a Peep to help support our social media and community efforts in channels such as Facebook, Reddit etc. We're open to hearing from Peeps about what spaces we should be in.

We definitely want to start with a focus on Facebook but are open to suggestions for other opportunities.

Our social efforts are currently handled by a mix of people within the company, and we'd like to streamline them.


Starting ASAP


We're looking for someone with experience in the early education space and know what parents / teachers are interested in.

This job listing has expired.