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Hitshop is a growth marketing consultancy for startups. We help startups identify their top growth opportunities, and put together the plan and execution team to help capture those opportunities and grow faster.

A few clients have asked for assistance with hiring and managing "on-going marketing" talent like content marketers and community managers. We hope to find great talent through CloudPeeps for these clients, and help them be successful in the role.

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Community/Content Manager for a Content Curation Platform

Listing published on Fri, 14 Aug 2015. Expired over 7 years ago on Fri, 21 Aug 2015.

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We have a client that is in need of a community manager with a content marketing background. You would be working directly with the client, but our team at Hitshop will manage your relationship and work. This client is a content curation tool used by content marketers that is growing in popularity, and needs a community manager with a content background to help ramp up social media and content marketing efforts.

If hired, you will execute on the following each week:
- Planning and publishing content for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.
- Assist in promoting content that the blogging team produces.
- Responding to inbound inquires on social media. Training will be provided for common support questions.
- Commenting on 4+ relevant blog posts every week day, providing value to the conversation.
- Curate relevant content to repurpose and share using this client's content curation tool.

Ideally (but not necessarily required), you will also be able to help with the following:
- Write high-quality blog content on the subject of content marketing.
- Assist with editing blog posts, and managing our team of writers.
- Formatting blog posts inside Wordpress.
- Assist with influencer and co-marketing outreach.

You will also have an opportunity to work on other Hitshop clients in the future if all works well with this client.


Right away. ~20 hours per week to start.


Please include the following with your pitch:

- Links to social channels you have managed, with the time frame you managed them.
- Links to any kind of marketing content you have produced: blog posts, graphics, Slideshares, etc. Anything to help us determine the quality of your content production.
- Briefly tell us the #1 thing you learned in each of your previous roles.
- Briefly describe your top skill-sets, and how you believe a company can best utilize your talents.
- Briefly describe your availability. We need to understand when during the day and week we can expect you to be available to work and collaborate. (When are you available for a call to learn more about you before hiring you? We're looking to hire within the week!)
- List out the tools you have experience using as it pertains to content marketing. (analytics, research, content creation, social media management, project management, etc. tools)
- Briefly tell us what you think makes a great Community Manager.

This job listing has expired.