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We built an all-in-one home monitoring and control device that is simple, powerful, and beautiful. We've designed Sentri to be incredibly simple, with a plug and play set up process that takes just minutes. With a built-in touchscreen, no complicated phone transfers are required and using Sentri requires just a glance or tap. It's powerful enough to be the center of your smart home, with built-in connectivity with some of the leading connected home products today, And we've made it beautiful, with a customizable 10.1" screen and a design meant to complement and reflect your home.

Startup, Consumer Products
Founded in 2014

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PR Consultant to Support New Product Launch

Listing published on Tue, 25 Aug 2015. Expired about 7 years ago on Wed, 02 Sep 2015.

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This is an incredible opportunity to get involved on the ground level of launching a home technology company focused on helping people know/understand their homes better. We are a team passionate about re-defining how people relate to their homes and our flagship product focuses on giving people a peace of mind through simple, powerful, and beautiful monitoring and control. You'l be someone who naturally gets how tech fits into people's lives, and can speak to both the benefits on a consumer level as well as uncover interesting tech angles that indubitably comes with this space.

In this particular role, we're looking for a rockstar Peep PR consultant who can help us:

+ Develop and build stories with national press (think WSJ, NYTimes, USA Today) and tech media (WIRED, Fast Company) alike
+ Develop and manage a first-class product review program, with the goal of driving a voice of advocacy

We'd love to work with a Peep who is located in the Bay Area and would be open to meeting up in person from time to time. We consider this a hybrid role, being predominantly remote, but would love to be able to meet up if you're local.

Industry relationships highly preferred.

You'll be working with the founders directly and will have the ability to truly make a mark on the growth of a brand. We're open to adjusting our rates depending on Peep experience, and are looking for someone who can be flexible with hourly commitments as we expect the work to ebb and flow over the coming months.


Around 25 hours/week - time commitment will vary month to month


- Visit and give us a few angles you would approach pitching this product with.
- Let us know if you'd be open to doing a short trial project (e.g., crafting some pitches).
- Do you have any industry contacts that would be beneficial to promoting our launch? Please share!

This job listing has expired.