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StreetHawk is the first viral engagement automation platform for Mobile Apps - we help Apps Grow by leveraging their Most Valuable App Users.

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Founded in 2014

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David Jones

Content Creator/Marketer

Listing published on Wed, 26 Aug 2015. Expired about 7 years ago on Fri, 04 Sep 2015.

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We're a newly founded company that has been managing our own content marketing efforts (keeping up our blog, social accounts and our newsletter), however they've been fairly spotty and inconsistent as we don't have the time to commit to creating a regular rhythm. We're currently a member of 500 Startups and need to kick-start our content marketing efforts as we're looking to achieve rapid growth over the coming months.

Here's where you come in: we need a Peep to take charge of our content and hit the ground running with a consistent brand voice and message. Our target audience is growth hackers and digital marketers, so we need you to know how to produce and distribute content that appeals to that demographic.

We already have a bank of 100+ articles on best practices around acquisition, engagement, and user experience which you can pull from to create and repurpose content. What we'd like for you to do is to identify where we can distribute this content to generate the most visibility for StreetHawk (and bring in new users). You should be able to suggest top distribution channels as well as execute that distribution for us.

We're looking to hire multiple Peeps at the onset as we need to ramp up our content, and expect to turn this job into an ongoing engagement in future if all goes well.


Starting immediately, around 10 hours per week


- Do you have an interest and experience with the mobile marketing and tools space?
- Have you helped early stage companies ramp up their content marketing?
- Share some examples of content you created that drove engagement and new user growth.

This job listing has expired.