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Gigster builds apps and websites for tech companies. Often these are startups that have budget but can't find developers. Media:,,

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Founded in 2013

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Christian Thurston

Case Study Writer

Listing published on Wed, 30 Sep 2015. Expired about 7 years ago on Thu, 08 Oct 2015.

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We're looking for someone who can write case studies for us here at Gigster. We haven't had any made before so we'll need to also define the format we'll be using going forward and to put some processes in place. Ideally we'd like to do 4 case studies per month once we find the right Peep to work with. We're still trying to work out how much to pay per case study so that's a conversation we'll have to have. We're also looking for feedback on how many hours it takes to properly do a case study.

It's also worth noting here that content is going to be important for our company moving forward. We're starting with case studies and then we'll move to regular blogging (posts featuring clients, employees of our company, etc), static web content on site (although I may do that content myself, ideally we'd have someone content focused who could do that), deeper dive content and so on. So while we're hiring for case studies we have our eye on someone who could scale up to do those other pieces and who could run a content team.

Note: our starting point is $500 per case study as listed here, this is negotiable. We'd like to test out working with Peeps by having you write one sample case study for us, and then potentially ramp up work from there.


Starting immediately, time TBD


Share previous writing examples, especially if you've done case studies before. Any writing you've done for brands or businesses (especially tech companies) would also be useful.

This job listing has expired.