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Simply Tinder for eBay. Use your existing eBay account on your mobile to swipe for bidding, ignoring or even if you aren't sure and want to be asked again later.

Startup, Ecommerce
Founded in 2015

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App Launch/Promotion/Growth Hackery

Listing published on Mon, 05 Oct 2015. Expired about 7 years ago on Wed, 21 Oct 2015.

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Hourly. Invoices are submitted and paid as you go.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

In short, we are launching an app for iOS. It has been a bootstrapped exercise and how well this goes initially will dictate if we can fund more enhancements (& a Android version) and fund a CloudPeep/Marketing ongoing. The app is Tinder for eBay which is enough of an explanation but it is funded under the eBay partner network. As such every 'winning' bid (providing the item is also paid for) earns revenue. As far as I am aware we are the only app of this type approved officially with eBay.

We believe our target market is mostly female, 22-40, likes Tinder for the swiping (but may not like tinder, so may be mums/married types/attached/etc) based on initial testing/feedback.

We are looking for someone with a track record of successful consumer apps specifically as getting the app in hands that will use it is the goal. More hands = more bids = more revenue = more budget for marketing/promotional work. The Peep we are looking for can work with what we have AND advise/suggest/perform alternate strategies if they are more suited to the target market.

Some key points
- Social Network accounts exist but have not been capitalized or built on. The Peep would have control of those.
- Website is done but is getting some tweaks. The Peep would not have to manage this but can ask for changes to be made if something is needed that would help
- This listing is done as an hourly one. As it is bootstrapped revenue will dictate what happens next. It is hoped to have enough revenue to have this ongoing as a monthly. Through testing we have found the return is more than we initially calculated so active users will drive what happens next.
- The app is approved for use on the Apple App Store but we are intending on having a few minor logic changes made prior to pushing the app which was also based on user feedback/testing. It is hoped that will be completed by mid-month
- If successful we may extend to a Snipe for Etsy version (in addition to Android)


We are budgeting for $500 total spend in the first month for our Peep & would like to start mid-month in line with our app update. However, open to suggestion if pre-work would assist


Things we would like to see/know:

- Any experience with consumer app launches/promotion (either with similar products or similar audiences)
- Effectiveness of campaigns, growth levels & relative spend/cost per user
- Role in prior experience, ability to be a self starter and work reliability & autonomously (this is not a role for someone that needs to be micro managed)
- Ability to work with a Bootstrapped budget
- Experience starting from scratch

Past this any initial thoughts or approaches that would be intended here, and the reasoning as to why those approaches in terms of ROI would assist in finding the right person for the gig.

This job listing has expired.