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Stuph Inc.

Stuph's vision is to make our life experiences available and useful to our friends. We want to connect people in a new, more intimate way that is both entertaining and valuable.

Our first app, Trullo is available for download on the App Store:

Tell your friends about the things you love and discover your next great book, movie or gadget. Trullo is a network of friends and experts sharing experiences with each other, making your decisions easier.

Connect with your friends in a new way by following the books they read, the movies they watch, and the things they buy.

Sharing has never been so easy and fun. See your purchase history and post experiences to your Trullo with a single tap.

Discuss the best of the best, the worst of the worst, and find new things to try.

Save the things you find, and compare them to what your friends want to get.

Search for anything and see who's done it before. Ask them questions you know they can answer.

Startup, Tech
Founded in 2013

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Artem Boytsov
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Brian Rabben

Community Management and Growth

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Trullo is an app where we share, discuss, and discover the things we love. Check it out at, read more at and

We launched a month ago, have a steady flow of new and engaged users. We'd like to increase our social engagement and following, highlight great content and community members.

Immediately, we're looking for a commitment of 4-6 hours a week:

- Sourcing and posting content to Twitter and Facebook ( and
- Working with our team to curate and write copy for featured content in-app, integrating with social media strategy/content where it makes sense
- Engaging with users within the app and welcoming new users
- Checking out support channel a couple times a week (Uservoice)
- Assisting our team with email newsletter content, currently scheduled every other week

Longer term, we'd consider expanding to include product feedback and engagement strategy, and help copyedit longer content pieces.


4-6 hours a week


- Have an iPhone you can use for the app.
- Provide 3-5 sources you'd use to find content for our social channels.
- Share your favorite book, movie/TV show, and gadget or item to your account in the app!

This job listing has expired.