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Challenge anyone in your league on any given week. SidePrize ensures winners get paid and friendships get saved.

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Founded in 2014

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Adam Wexler

Growth Hacker

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SidePrize allows fantasy sports players to challenge their friends on their weekly matchups & more in their fantasy leagues. We won the only two awards at this summer's Fantasy Sports Trade Association, and we're currently taking part in the Dodgers Accelerator.

We're looking to onboard an experienced growth hacker right away to help us spur organic word of mouth growth and raise the bar on our percentage of actives during football season. To be clear, we are pretty well covered with human and software resources for filling the top of the funnel. We are looking for someone that can make the first or second fantasy league member that adopts SidePrize fall in love with the product and become an advocate towards the entire league. Beyond that, fantasy football players are in an average of 2.2 leagues a piece so the viral coefficient potential is strong.

Responsibilities could include:
- Designing and managing multivariate tests.
- Managing / optimizing newsletter and retention email campaigns.
- Creating and testing paid media channels.
- Sparking user interest to use referral components and social sharing


ASAP - 15-40 hours/week


Being a season-long fantasy football player is important for this role, so if you are one please include this in your pitch.. Also seeking someone with experience cultivating retention and referral engine at consumer startup.

This job listing has expired.