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Circles is part of a new movement in training and learning. Peer groups (or 'circles') meet in an online video room every other week for 90 minutes and work together to explore challenges in their personal and professional lives. 'We learn better in circles than in rows'.

Startup, Education
Founded in 2016

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I am an experienced entrepreneur, a year away from launching my next business. The heart of this is building a blog/site. I have lots of content and want to build real conversations with people affiliated with the project, while attracting more people during the year before I launch the business. We're going to try to make a big dent in learning culture, starting with adults. I am looking for someone who can:

- Help design social media strategy
- Offer full knowledge of available tools for us both to use
- Research all the places relevant conversations are happening online
- Monitor social media for relevant conversations
- Engage with these conversations and comment/tweet on behalf of, or involve me if needed, all day long, so my time is used efficiently
- Edit my writing
- Design the blog/site (much less important)
- Start by working with me to organize my core people that I will involve, and then grow a truly interested follower community
- Be interested in education and the workforce
- Write in native english, but living in Barcelona or NYC preferred. Ultimately, we'll be headquartered in NYC.

This could involve more than one person.


Start ASAP. I'm guessing 10-20 hours a week but I want to be disciplined.


- Social media prowess
- Some interest in learning and the workplace
- Writing samples

This job listing has expired.