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VentureOut is dedicated to the world's top startups to succeed in the world's top tech ecosystems. Based on the philosophy that talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not, VentureOutNY helps bridge that gap for promising entrepreneurs in underserved technology communities.

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Founded in 2012

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Brian Frumberg

Community Strategy and Execution

Listing published on Wed, 14 Oct 2015. Expired over 6 years ago on Mon, 16 May 2016.

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Startups are being built all around the globe, and while Silicon Valley has traditionally been the next step for international companies looking to branch out in the U.S., New York is the only U.S. city where Venture Capital investment is on the rise. Our goal is to reach innovative entrepreneurs who are building disruptive companies and help them launch in the U.S. - and we need a Peep to help us with that engagement

We have three different communities we need to reach and continue to engage:
- Our community of alumni from past accelerator programs
- Communities in the US who are attending our events (including our newsletter subscribers), including entrepreneurs, investors and other members of the US tech ecosystem
- Communities of startups and entrepreneurs abroad (as well as the accelerators, VCs and governments that support them) who are prospects for our future programs in NYC & SF

We're looking for someone to first work with us to optimize our overarching social strategies to reach and continue to engage these communities. Once that is established we need someone to execute on that strategy. This can be the same person, but we're open to working with two different Peeps to get this up and running.

We currently have a newsletter and (written by founder Brian Frumberg), social media accounts we use to engage our communities, and want a Peep to build a strategy on what we've established to take engagement to the next level. We are also about to launch a blog and a series of videos that capture the programs we organize. We have tons of content to share out from these programs. We've also built extensive Google Alerts to curate news about startups and fundraising in the U.S. and around the world, but need someone to lead the curation and publishing (via social) of that content.

We'd like to start out small, work on an initial strategy, and then ramp up from there as we see quantifiable results.


Potentially indefinitely. At least a few months. Weekly time will depend on our programming schedule and the time estimated by the CloudPeep to complete the work involved.


- Tell us why you're passionate about reaching our communities - do you have a experience working with VCs, angels or accelerator programs? With startups?
- Share an example of how you built and successfully executed a community engagement strategy

This job listing has expired.