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Provide a software for customers to generate and convert more qualified leads faster,

Startup, Advertising & Marketing
Founded in 2007

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Elliott Blatt

Technical Writer with experience with SaaS product writing.

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Need to build out the content of a web page regarding a complex product we provide.
We provide multi-channel marketing automation for medium sized to big call centers. Our platform allows our clients to call, email, text, send ringless voicemail, voice broadcast and more in one seamless software. Essentially we help convert more of our clients leads faster and more efficiently than ever before!

The newest product page will be centered around our Workflow Automation. Our Workflow Automation is fully customizable and can dictate when to trigger events based on certain events. Think of it as "if this/then" actions. For example if you reach out to a lead and 5 times and no answer the system can be set to deliver an email-- if the email was opened --- then another call will be triggered and set as priority above your other calls.

I can explain more in depth over the phone upon starting the project. Please let me know if you have any questions.

The transcript should be comprised of 4-5 paragraphs (each with an eye opening header). And if done properly and expectations are met there will be a lot more work in the pipeline for product writing.


Completed within 2 weeks.


List out related work experience as well as link to past work you have written.

This job listing has expired.