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We make it easy for anyone to plan, organise, and run online summits and share their knowledge and expertise.

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Content and Social Media Manager for an online summit platform! Promoted

Listing published on Thu, 02 Apr 2020. Expired about 1 year ago on Thu, 16 Apr 2020.

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Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

*A proven b2b social media manager*
You love jumping into social media, developing strategies, creating content and designing and implementing a brand voice. You have a lot to work with: we're averaging over 300 events per month now that could use some trumpeting, not to mention the work that HeySummit is doing, along with wider discussion about how the world is changing with virtual events & communities.

You can point to social accounts that you've managed that target business customers, and campaigns you've run that have grown numbers, influence, and exposure.

*Confident with content*
It's not about being a professional cinematographer or graphic artist, but you have an eye for creative content, you know what good looks like, and you have an arsenal of tools that help you put out great content without needing extra help. You're a confident writer, and confident with things like Canva, Invideo, or other creative suites. Ace at photoshop or something fancier? That's a bonus.

We're looking to hire this role immediately, and therefore please only let us know if you're available right away.

*A bit about us:*
HeySummit empowers anyone to run amazing virtual summits from anywhere. From selling tickets and organising speakers, to managing talks and outreach, HeySummit is a complete wrap-around system for organisers of online conferences, speaker series, media libraries and summits.

Everyday, people use HeySummit in new ways to spread human knowledge and with a smaller carbon footprint.

*Who We Are*
We are a small team with backgrounds in building businesses that delight customers. With HeySummit, we’re on a mission to be the best way to spread human knowledge.


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1. Where are you based/Your timezone

2. What's your creative tool stack and how comfortable are you with creating content?

3. Provide examples (links are fine) of content you've produced as part of a social media campaign (images, video, and text that convey a brand voice/tone)

4. Describe a time when you didn't achieve perfection in a project delivery: What was the result?

5. Provide your social handles (if you want to) and the handles of brands you've managed, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

6. Are you able to start immediately?

7. We're a supportive, inclusive team. We're all passionate about working and want to grow, but know we all need help sometimes. What are you looking for in terms of growth? How do you want to develop, and how can we help with that development?

8. Are you working on any other projects right now? If so, what are they, and what time commitment would you be able to offer?

9. Why do you want this role with HeySummit?

This job listing has expired.