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Eventerprise is a multi-sided platform making it easier to plan events through an intelligent quote request system.
Focusing initially on event managers, agencies and in-house, corporate event planners in the target geography seeking the services of event vendors, digital media campaigns drive traffic into the platform generating quote requests (QRs) for events.

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Anesuishe Mutsambiwa

UX proofreader for SaaS product

Listing published on Thu, 11 Jul 2019. Expired over 3 years ago on Thu, 25 Jul 2019.

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Fixed. Paid out after 30 days.
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We are looking for a freelance proofreader specializing in UX microcopy for SaaS products to help us delight users of our global events platform with first-class user experiences.
The ideal candidate will be a first language, English speaking female, residing in the US, preferably on the west coast.


Ensure that copy is clear, concise, engaging, SEO optimized. The content should guide users within a digital product and help them interact with it, including micro-copy, UI labels, menu labels, buttons, headlines
Ensure that all content is clear, well written, grammatically correct and factually accurate
Maintain style standards, including grammar, usage, tone and branding
Work with product owners and stakeholders to understand the requirements for new and existing features.
Understand target audiences’ needs, tasks, and goals
Demonstrate skilled problem-solving capabilities to determine solutions and options to resolve problems.
Maintain a finger on the pulse on everything the Web has to offer
An exemplary work ethic and exacting attention to detail


Superior writing, editing and researching skills
3-5 years professional experience in proofreading or editing, preferably for digital products
Consistent and intense attention to detail
Excellent communication skills both written and oral
Collaborative, team-oriented and capable of building working relationships
Ability to navigate conflicting priorities and opinions and effectively negotiate solutions
Deep empathy with users, understanding that people will expect a humane, usable, and successful user experience as well as required functionality and features
Solid understanding of information organization, user-centered design, and human-computer interaction
Experience in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Word, Sheets, Slides,
Understanding of File Sharing Platforms (Google-Drive, DrDrive, Dropbox)

Personal laptop & high-speed/reliable internet required.


Not sure.

This job listing has expired.