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WHINS Insurance Agency

WHINS is a local, family owned and operated, independent insurance agency. The brokers at WHINS have access to over 50 of the nations top insurance companies to find its client's the best coverage for their premium dollars. Whether you're shopping for home, auto, life, health or business insurance, our client's know that we'll be able to find the best products to fit their needs. Each employee at WHINS is a licensed agent and is involved in continuing education. Our clients are business owners and homeowners with assets to protect - they are looking for an adviser and a knowledgeable professional. We know we will never win selling strictly on price, rather its the education, service and relationship with our insureds that make us a valued asset in ones insurance portfolio.

Agency, Banking & Finance
Founded in 2009

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Joel Wagner

Marketing, Social Media & Branding Specialist

Listing published on Sun, 25 Oct 2015. Expired over 5 years ago on Sun, 01 Nov 2015.

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This is an incredible opportunity to help develop and build the social media presence of an amazing company. We are an independent insurance company based in Southern California (Los Angeles area). We are like a family, we love to laugh, and we know our customers by name. Though we offer every type of coverage available, we are not your traditional insurance agency and we want to keep it that way!

It's very important for us to maintain our identity and to express it clearly as we grow our social media presence. We are looking for a Peep to help us! Ideally, we'd love someone in Southern California or who can otherwise meet us to learn how special we are. But if you think you can help us build our social media presence entirely remotely, we'd love to hear from you also!

Mission of this Role:

To serve the marketing efforts of WHINS Insurance Agency by helping us increase user engagement on our social media networks, and create content to help market our brand through visuals, blogs, and other forms of writing and social media interaction.

Desired Outcomes of this Role:

1. Learn about our agency's brand and receive ongoing marketing training/insight
2. Write agency blogs regularly
3. Interact with our social media connections via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest daily
4. Create visual content regularly
5. Schedule social media posts through Hootsuite's scheduling service

Critical Competencies:

1. Ability to produce creative original content
2. Ability to organize ideas into a professional 500+ word blog
3. Ability to do research on topics
4. Familiarity with social media outlets such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram
5. Open to ongoing training/education to improve within your role


Immediately - 8-9 hours weekly (possible more later)


Let us know how you can fully capture and market our voice through social media, blogs, and other sources. Please provide a resume outlining your experience, a writing sample in the form of a blog post, and a visual/graphic sample as well. If you have experience working for mom-and-pop type companies on similar campaigns, include this information information in your pitch. If you can meet with us in Southern California, please include this in your pitch.

This job listing has expired.